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Jason David Frank

Sept 4, 1973 - Nov 19,2022 - Age 49

Birth Date: Sept 4 1973

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Death Date: Nov 19, 2022

Funeral Date: Nov 28, 2022


Time: 11:30 AM

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One of the most popular “Power Rangers” characters, Jason remained with the cast after the show’s original three-season run, playing Tommy in later Power Rangers series. A true martial artist, Jason created Toso Kune Do, a hybrid of karate and other martial arts. In 2009, he began competing in mixed martial arts, and he fought in a number of bouts.

Jason once said, in an interview with in 2014, that “I (He) didn’t do something to make it (PowerRangers) big, but I did it because I was passionate about something. I was only hired for like ten episodes, and I didn’t care, because I loved it! I wanted to act, I thought it’d be great to be a superhero, and I just stuck with it!” And thats how we want to continue to remember him, for his passion.

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